AG Algorithmic Adventurer

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Open Source / Projects

In my spare time I work on open source and personal software projects. Also I am heavily interested in algorithmic trading and building full automatic trading software.

Here is a little list of some software projects I am working on:

sublimetext-cmake github

This project sets up Sublime Text 3 as C++ IDE with CMake Build System. It is possible to build right from ST3 with shortcut CMD+B.

qtstarter github

C++/Qt5 starter project with cmake build system, QtQuick, QtWidgets, AppIcon, macOS bundle and macdeployqt support.

FX Calc github

This application is a tool to calculate forex position sizes as lots and units. It also shows how much margin is needed to open the position.

xtbclient github

The xtbclient lib is a C++14 class library that enables communication via sockets between your trading application and the XTB trading server.

In 2019 I decided to share my knowledge and meet with other great algorithmic trading adventurers. So I founded the Algorithmic/Quantitative Trading Hamburg Meetup. I would be happy to see you there!